About Blukudu

Blukudu provides IT and marketing-led business development services to the financial services and fintech sectors.

Our experts are hybrid marketing-technology change agents.

We work with corporates, governments, and agency partners, providing business and marketing consultancy, facilitated engagement with new technology companies, and curated, quantifiable business growth opportunities.

Why Us?

Most forward thinking companies recognise the best ideas don’t always come from within their own business and that working with new technology firms is key to corporate innovation.

Our work delivers quantifiable business benefits for our clients: solving business problems, rejuvenating corporate culture, innovating brands, enabling growth, and expanding into new markets.

We substantially increase the quality, outcomes and sustainability of your digital and startup investment while markedly lowering the risks and cost.

In the News

May 2016
Science & Technology Facilities Council retains Blukudu to engage UK fintech and smart city startups

January 2016
Blukudu leads Ontario FinTech trade mission to UK

November 2015
Working with Krzana.com on new hedge fund market strategy

April 2015
Blukudu co-founder named in Top 100 Women in FinTech

February 2015
HCL Technologies retains Blukudu to design co-innovation services

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